We do occasional market research projects. We also know other organisations in this business who can help.

The key areas of investigation at present are all hot topics in the industry.

Trade tariffs

How new trade barriers shift market demand.

Tire Sustainability

NR, tire-road particles; end-of-life tires.

Regional growth

We have a big focus on China, but we’re also looking for the next wave of growth.

Brand management

What’s happening to tire prices and how can you improve brand value?

Keeping the world’s tire industry informed

That’s our tagline. That’s what we do. Our mission is to keep tire industry professionals informed about the industry, and especially about change in the global tire industry.

Anyone who has met David Shaw, owner and chief executive of Tire Industry Research knows he has a passion for this business. That passion, together with a 30-year history in the business, an unrivalled book of contacts and long experience of finding things out, means we deliver information faster than our rivals; we deliver better analysis and we understand more about this industry than any other commentator, and we do it cheaper. David has built up teams in China, India, Europe and elsewhere and now has a solid track record of picking up the most important news stories (that’s the ones where there is no PR trying to spin the story their way) before other publications, and getting the news and analysis to his clients while the rest of the world is barely even aware of the news.

We invite you to benchmark our performance against your internal resources. In every attempt, we come up with more comprehensive news and deeper insight, all at lower cost and faster than your existing service. Give us a try – we’re confident you’ll be impressed, because our existing clients have done that, and they tell us they can’t do better. We aim to support your existing competitive intelligence team with insights and commentaries that they simply can’t get without that 30-year track record of travelling the world and chatting with the real experts. We do the drudge work of tracking the global news, so that you can release your experts to work on the real business of working out how these changes might affect your business.


Our clients include the top tire makers; top tire wholesalers and distributors and the top materials suppliers, as well as those in the capital markets; legal advisors and other consultants to the tire industry.

Subscribers can expect to benefit from detailed, up-to-date insights, as well as learning the historical background to these developments.

We focus on change. In our experience, Corporate intelligence departments have some really smart people and some detailed business models and spreadsheets. Our mission is to support those teams by identifying where the future is going to be different from the past and guide our clients about where their spreadsheets might need to be updated or adjusted.

Where other researchers carry out their research by phone and by checking websites, Tire Industry research makes a point of travelling. This year our David will be attending specialised tire events around the world, both presenting papers and keeping up to date with the very latest developments and, of course, joining in the conversations which are shaping the future of this industry.

No other research team offers the same level of insight and historical perspective into the development of the global tire industry.

We bring that experience to each of the intelligence reports we publish.

For everyone who registers, we will send out emails letting you know when we publish a new report. Of course, you can always unsubscribe from that, but we think these reports are of such high quality that you will want to know about them as early as possible.