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  • Tire Sustainability report – sample chapters

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  • Newsletter–China Tire Intelligence

    Starting from January 2016 we have been publishing a regular weekly newsletter of developments in the China tire industry. The vast majority of these news stories are never seen in the West. Stories are sourced from a range of Chinese-language publications, government proclamations and stock-market announcements. More stories come from interviews and exclusive research by […]

  • Report: Global Tire Industry in 2017

    In this 54-page report of densely-packed information, we analyse some critical aspects of the global tire industry. We provide tables, charts and data that help our subscribers to better understand the top 30 tire makers in the world and their respective strategies. The report begins with a ranking of the top 30 tire makers in […]

  • China Tire Industry 2015-18

    China Tire Industry is a detailed market research report analysing the main trends, legislation and industry developments in China ChinaTire-Brochure It was published at the start of 2015, but has been updated numerous times since then with new information on legislation, tariffs and mergers and acquisitions activity in the China tire sector. The report looks […]

  • Tire Sustainability Report

     Tire Industry Research has published a comprehensive report into sustainability in the tire industry. The report is now available and includes 70,000 words and about 200 graphs, charts and diagrams. We have completely re-written, re-designed and updated the 2014 report for 2016. The brochure gives a full table of contents as well as the benefits […]

  • Commentaries on the global tire industry

  • China Tire News stories

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