China Tire Intelligence Report

A weekly newsletter of developments in China’s tire industry including news reports and David Shaw’s expert commentary and analysis.

China Tire Intelligence Report

£2,400.00 / year

Starting from January 2016 we have been publishing a regular weekly newsletter of developments in the China tire industry. The vast majority of these news stories are never seen in the West. Some of the stories are sourced from a range of Chinese-language publications, government proclamations and stock-market announcements. More stories come from interviews and exclusive research by native Chinese-language speakers.



In addition to news stories, we are adding David Shaw’s commentaries and opinions on the China tire industry and how it is developing. Shaw has become known as the key source of intelligence on this critical sector among the highest levels of the global tire industry.

We have recruited a Chinese national to be editor of this publication. He was born and has worked all his life in Shandong Province and is a mother-tongue Chinese speaker with good contacts throughout the Chinese tire industry and with officials.

Our China Tire Industry Intelligence report offers exclusive insight into the Chinese tire industry and its impact on the west. It helps your business with news, insights and updates on the key companies; government policies and discussions taking place in China in real time.

As an additional bonus, we offer a customised newsletter for your organisation, including your corporate branding on the newsletter for internal distribution.