Report: Global Tire Industry in 2017

In this 54-page report of densely-packed information, we analyse some critical aspects of the global tire industry. We provide tables, charts and data that help our subscribers to better understand the top 30 tire makers in the world and their respective strategies.

The report begins with a ranking of the top 30 tire makers in the world. While there are other rankings, ours is brand new and independent and contains new and different information from other publications.

We then analyse some of the key issues facing the global tire industry. These include pricing; sustainability; the revolution in transport and mobility and resistance to change within the tire makers and how management needs to address those issues.

All this is brought together with listings of investments and rankings of top tire makers by a range of different criteria, not offered by other publications.

The first edition is pubished in August 2017.

A copy of this valuable publication is included in each subscription to our global Tire Intelligence monthly report, but it is also available for purchase separately for GBP500 for a full corporate subscription . As with all our publications, a single corporate subscription can be shared with your colleagues in the same company for no extra change.

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