Tire Sustainability Report


The report is now available and includes 70,000 words and about 200 graphs, charts and diagrams.

We have completely re-written, re-designed and updated the 2014 report for 2016. The brochure gives a full table of contents as well as the benefits offered to purchasers.



Sustainability in the Tire Industry 2016 is a full-scale market research report. We offer it as a full site licence for distribution to all members of your in-house team.

The report covers every aspect of sustainability, in the tire industry, including green tires, labelling, NR risks and key upstream driver.

More than that, it acts as a manual for how the tire industry really works. Readers from the 2014 edition told us they liked the way the report offers insights into how the key players work and the background to decisions made in the tire industry.


Why is sustainability now so critical in the tire industry?

First, long-term, pressure on resources such as energy and water will increase significantly, so preparing strategic plans to manage those shortages will be essential for future success. Second, Civil Society is becoming more engaged with the rubber and tire industry and is increasingly applying pressure to improve sustainable development. Third: responsible development is the goal of all major corporations today as we seek to leave the planet in a better condition than when we found it.

Who will be affected?

Tire makers, development engineers; compounding professionals, upstream material providers and supply chain professionals will all feel the impact of the changes coming to the industry

In what kind of ways will they be affected?

The drive for sustainable development will affect the way tires are made, especially with respect to what materials are used, and how those materials are processed and sourced and the documentation surrounding the supply chain. On the development front, the pressure to create tires with low rolling resistance while at the same time improving lifetime and wet grip will become increasingly challenging. Managing these projects will affect everyone in the tire industry from strategic planners to compound developers

What does the report add that I can’t get elsewhere?

This report not only tracks the reality of sustainability from the perspective of an industry insider; it also gives clear descriptions of how decisions are made and analyses the positions of the different companies.In short, this is a manual for how to produce better tires and the legislative and commercial issues surrounding that effort

Can I see a free sample chapter?

Yes, of course, but we ask that you register on the site and give a valid email address and phone number.

Can I get a corporate deal on this report?

The base price is a corporate licence. Instead of increasing the price as a company adds more individual subscribers, we have made one simple corporate plan so that the PDF-based report can go to the corporate library and be available for all employees at all levels in the company to read on their own devices. Feedback from existing subscribers tells us that newcomers to the tire industry get a huge amount of benefit from this report in their level of understanding of how the tire industry really works and the factors driving profitable and sustainable growth.

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