Insiders’ guide to the tire industry 2020


Please note, this product has been superseded by the 2021 edition

This 204-page guide* tells you everything you need to know about the global tire industry. From pricing to trade barriers; from technology to brand recognition; from country and regional data to strategy; from management to sustainability; from corporate rankings to raw materials; from global investments to disruptive innovations.

Each issue of our monthly global tire industry intelligence report, contains in-depth analyses, commentaries and opinions on various aspects of the tire industry. This review brings together the very best of those articles and combines them with tables, data and information about all kinds of metrics on the global tire industry.

It is a true insider’s guide, focussing sharp minds and bringing informed opinion to bear on a wide range of issues that matter to tire industry professionals around the world.

We take a horizontal approach to the industry, removing the silo-mentalities that are so often seen in tire companies. We speak with insiders in all parts of the value chain and we interpret their comments and ideas to help you understand what is really going on in this business.

This indispensible guide to the industry is taken by the top tire makers; the top tire wholesalers and importers and the top raw materials suppliers, as well as banks, lawyers, and other analysts of the industry. It is the annual reference work that sets the standard for industry.

Your competitors, your customers and your suppliers have these analyses. Can you afford to be without this insider information? And at such a low price?

We thought not.

Put it in the basket – You’ll be happy you did!

* Available from  19 August 2020

Insider tip: subscribe to the Global Tire Intelligence Report during August 2020 and this report comes as part of the package



Want to know how the tire industry really works? This 204-page guide has got it covered. We’ve taken our very best insights, our most helpful data and our most important lists; put them together with our top predictions and best advice, and published them in one comprehensive guide to the global tire industry.

We started out with the most widely-read and highly-praised articles from our incredibly popular Global Tire Industry Intelligence report. To add even more value, we’ve thrown in our top lists and charts from data we’ve been gathering through the year. That’s exclusive material, not seen anywhere else.

Our data pages cover the top-30 tire makers in the world, with rankings by revenue and by profit. We’ve looked at their 2019 results, and done a deep dive analysis on the first-half 2020 results, helping readers to understand the downturn in the business, and in particular, the impact of the Covid-19 crisis.

On top of that, we have a comprehensive listing of investment projects from around the world up to the end of July 2020. We list that by tire company and also by region. To help you interpret all that data, we’ve put together a cheat-sheet of the key stories to come out of the tables.

Then we have data on  tire markets in Japan, North America, the EU, China and India. We have detailed descriptions of how tire makers are responding to the challenge of digitisation and business reform. This is not the PR coming from companies with their ‘nano-particle aero technology’ and other nonsense-speak. This is the real deal — discussing what why the industry is moving towards AI and digitisation and what commercial benefits that brings; and how tire makers can meet legal requirements as well as commercial targets.

We’ve got it all covered in this amazingly detailed report.

The 2020 edition will be published on August 19th at a price of GBP999. You can see the full scope of the report by downloading the contents pages but you might as well subscribe to our Global Tire Industry Intelligence report before the end of August for GBP1250, and we’ll give you this incredibly valuable report for free. That’s really an unbelievable bargain!

As with all our products, we personalise it for your company, and don’t limit the number of direct employees that you can share it with. We want this document shared among your team. That’s how you maximise the value from it.

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