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The go-to newsletter for forward-thinking tire industry professionals around the world. We bring you deep insights into the global tire industry and how it is changing, alongside current-awareness news stories.

It is designed to deliver insight and analysis on current industry topics, such as trade barriers, digital change and strategies, alongside our editors’ pick of the top news stories from across the value chain. We reject the vertical, silo mentalities seen so often in this business. We analyse the heck out of this industry from different professional roles from marketing to technology, up to management of change.



Tire industry leaders told us they wanted a magazine that scours the world for any changes related to the tire industry and then explains how those developments fit into the existing world of tires.

We firmly believe that the global tire industry is an integrated ecosystem, linking raw materials and sustainability with product launches and marketing messages, and from there to final disposal, or recycling of the tires. We actively reject silo-minded thinking and jump easily from marketing to technology and across to data and corporate management.

Legislation drives many aspects of the industry, while technology is an enabler, and in some cases, a competitive advantage. We’re here to give you the edge in understanding how this industry really works. Despite a 30-year track record, we’re always on the lookout for disruption and new opportunities, with clear explanations of how you can exploit them.

The global tire industry has become more complex with new marketing and distribution systems; new technologies and new sustainability issues absorbing more time among the old hands as well as newcomers to the industry

Our mission is to bring these different aspects together and explain to those who might be new to the industry how and where the new developments fit into the old world of the tire industry.

It’s a subscription business model. Partly because we do not want to be beholden to advertisers and partly because when information is free, it is valueless. Or wrong, or biassed, or misleading.

We’re not going to race to put stories up first on the web – if you want the latest, fastest source of news, visit our Twitter feed. But we will always have the best-informed analysis out there.

In today’s world, we all have too much data. What is needed is interpretation and analysis. That’s what we deliver – and it’s the best in the world, according to our readers.

We already publish a very successful weekly newsletter on China’s tire industry. We know what is needed in the industry.

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