China tire industry: Monthly summary report

£500.00 / year

You can download free copies of the May 2019 issue and June 2019 issue to check that they will help your business. Future editions will be available only on subscription.



We discovered that a number of companies felt our weekly newsletter on China’s tire industry gives so much information, that the busiest executives find it hard to absorb all the detail.

We have therefore introduced a new product that summarises developments in China’s tire industry, aimed specifically at busy executives who need to keep a close eye on developments, but without all the fine detail. Our new monthly summary report of the tire industry in China takes all the data from our regular weekly report, and distills it down to the pure essence. That results in a 1-page executive summary published at the start of each month. It is available on subscription for GBP500 per year for 12 issues.

Subscribers to the China weekly already receive it as part of their subscription packages.

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