China Tire Industry 2015-18


China Tire Industry is a detailed market research report analysing the main trends, legislation and industry developments in China.




It was published at the start of 2015, but has been updated numerous times since then with new information on legislation, tariffs and mergers and acquisitions activity in the China tire sector.

The report looks at the state of the tire industry in China, split by the international brands and the Chinese brands and also by car and truck segments.

We track the CRIA projections for production as well as some private estimates of the current capacity of the tire industry in China.

A long section tracks the main legislative instruments in China, indicating whether they are mandatory or voluntary and estimates when the voluntary standards are likely to become mandatory.

We look how different countries have tried to protect their dsomestic industries against imports of Chinese-made tires through import tariffs. While the US government has been most active in this area, and we analyse the US situation in great details, we also look at measures adopted by other countries.

Two lengthy profiles of Linglong and Triangle respectively are based on documents issued by the companies ahead of cash-raising efforts, but we have translated them and edited them to give highly detailed snapshots of those two companies, which are themselves very typical of the top tire makers in China in terms of their spending research and remuneration patterns.

A lengthy section profiles the domestic players in the Chinese tire sector, giving corporate analyses and assessing their value as a business partner in China.

A final section gives advice on doing business in China and highlights some of the cultural differences between Western ways of doing business and their equivalents in China.

The report was compiled by David Shaw. David has 25 years’ experience studying the global tire industry. He brings deep insight to the standard report data.

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