Market Research

Apart from posting news and commentary on the website, Tire Industry Research has an active Market Research Department.

The key areas of investigation at present are all hot topics in the industry.

Labels: where they exist, what will happen and how they change the game.
Tire Sustainability: technology, manufacture and performance.
Regional growth in China, India, Russia and elsewhere.
Brand management, and how to raise the selling price of a tire.
Tire Industry Research is different from the other suppliers of market research information.

Most market research teams move from one subject area to another. They might study pharmaceuticals or electronics before turning their attention to to tires. After completing that report, they might move on to automotive engines or something equally unrelated.

Our researchers have over 25 years of experience watching and tracking developments in the global tire industry. We are focussed on that business and its upstream suppliers and downstream customers.

Subscribers can expect to benefit from detailed, up-to-date insights, as well as learning the historical background to these developments.

Where other researchers carry out their research by phone and by checking websites, Tire Industry research makes a point of travelling.

This year our people will be attending specialised tire events around the world, both presenting papers and keeping up to date with the very latest developments and, of course, joining in the conversations which are shaping the future of this industry.

No other research team offers the same level of insight and historical perspective into the development of the global tire industry.

We bring that experience to each of the reports we produce. These can be customised research for a single client. We also write reports which are sold on the open market.

For everyone who registers, we will send out emails letting you know when we publish a new report. Of course, you can always unsubscribe from that, but we think these reports are of such high quality that you will want to know about them as early as possible.