Global Tire Industry Report- April 2018

We have just published the April issue of our global tire industry newsletter, and distributed it to subscribers.

This 34-page publication includes:

  • Corporate results analysis for 2017 and ranking table
  • The costs of counterfeit tires in the EU
  • Raw materials Pricing outlook  for Q1
  • Review of Geneva Motor Show 2018 – connected tires
  • Toyo moves to wet mixing with NR and carbon black
  • Review of Tire technology Expo – Part 2
  • Where does tire wear dust go?
  • Latest news on the sale (or not) of Kumho Tire

And for good measure we have included our monthly update on the China Tire Industry.

Then there is a further 16 pages of news, covering the most important news from across the global tire value chain including investments, appointments, legislation, statistics, raw materials, company results, company information and environmental developments.

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Bragging rights for top tire makers

During March, most of the remaining top tire makers published their annual results, so we have updated the table published a month ago (see below). In the case of India where the financial year runs from April to March we have looked at the four quarters from Jan-December 2017. This is the first listing of the top tire makers in 2017 to be published, that takes into account actual tire sales, rather than corporate sales.

This month we also print rankings of brand value.

Michelin tops the brand value and brand reputation tables

To learn more about the top tire makers in the world and their relative positioning by brand value, brand reputation as well as revenues, subscribe to our monthly global analysis.

Fake tires cost the EU €4500mn

An EU survey of counterfeit tires in the EU reveals a huge EUR2247mn in direct losses to EU tire industry. When indirect costs, such as reduced employment and taxes are taken into account, this figure more than doubles.

To learn more about the worst affected countries and why Germany suffers less than France, subscribe to our monthly global analysis.

Pricing outlook in Q1

Each quarter we look at the prices of raw materials and project forward for the next few months.

This month we report on the shortages of carbon black around the world and how they are going to tighten in the coming months.

We’re also alerting our readers to shortages and difficulties in certain small chemicals such as accelerators and anti-degradants.

The carbon black crisis is happening because of clean-air restrictions in the US and in China, as well as new REACH legislation coming into Europe.

Chinese enforcement of clean air regulations is also affecting the small chemicals business. Factories in China are being closed with no notice, forcing EU importers to find alternative suppliers, and then requiring re-accreditation at the customers. It’s driving everyone mad, and putting excessive pressure on re-formulation teams around the world, but especially in Europe, as new REACH restrictions from the end of May start to bite.

We also have some valuable insights into pricing of NR, BR and SBR over the coming months.

Subscribers to our monthly report on the global tire industry can see the full analysis in our April issue, out now.

Geneva Motor Show

It is always fun to go to Geneva at the start of March for the Auto Salon. This year we looked at connected tires. Pirelli launched the third variant of its Cyber Tire, aimed at OE car makers, and promised multiple fitments this year. We also looked at Goodyear’s always-thrilling concept tire launches at Geneva, and discussed their plans for connected cars and tires.

Finally, Michelin was not at  Geneva, but they have launched their Track Connect system in the last few days and we have an exclusive on that system – first revealed by us back in September after the IAA Frankfurt.

Full details in our global tire industry newsletter

Tire Tech Expo

As many readers know, I have been helping the team at Tire Technology Expo with the Strategy and Management conference at Tire Tech. Following last month’s review of Tire Tech, I looked out some of the more interesting interviews I carried out there. Find out more about Eastman’s Crystex Cure-Pro; Trinseo’s advice on mixing thermodynamics and Himile’s ambitions in the mould segment.

Toyo’s Carbon Black-NR masterbatching

We are the only publication to have revealed  developments in wet mixing for both carbon black and silica. It’s revolutionising the whole tire industry. We’re reporting on Toyo’s most recent announcement in the area.

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Where do tire wear particles go?

As if all that was not enough, we also looked at tire wear particles and efforts to track them in the environment. This is set to be one of the hot environmental/sustainability topics in 2018, with concern among the public growing fast.

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This information is available exclusively in our April 2018 edition of our monthly report on the global tire industry

China’s tire industry in March

As a final bonus, we have added our widely-praised summary of tire activity in China. This has become the industry’s go-to publication to understand the changes taking place in China’s tire industry.

This month we report from the CRIA meeting in Qingdao that closed at the end of March, and have an exclusive report on management changes at Aeolus and also at Triangle – with more detail on Triangle’s US plant.

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What is happening at Kumho Tire?

Finally, this month we also track latest developments at Kumho Tire and the on-going brinkmanship between the unions and the Korea Development Bank. That whole mess is not quite settled yet, but we’re watching closely. Since Kumho Tire isn’t saying anything, we have offered out view on the future..

This information is available exclusively in our April 2018 edition of our monthly report on the global tire industry

Background to the newsletter

We’ve migrated all of our highly-regarded analyses of key aspects of the global tire industry to this newsletter, and added news from around the world.

The aim is to offer a clear, unbiassed path through the massive amount of information you can get on the global tire industry. Each month our editors scour the world’s news and pick only the stories that are relevant to change in the industry. Then we write a brief, easy-to-digest together with links to the original source for those who need deep-dive detail.

You can download the full contents from here.

We are encouraged by the industry reaction since its launch a year ago, our subscribers are getting the full analyses on these and other matters. Can you afford to be without it?

Because of the popularity of the publication, we are able to offer it at an affordable price, and to move away from an advertising-supported model. This means we offer information that you can trust.

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