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The Tire Industry Research website helps visitors to understand the global tire industry. This website looks at the tire industry from a strategic, technical and geographic perspective.

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We cover branding, marketing, manufacture, technology and raw materials supply. Where other sites focus on the sales and branding side of the business, Tire Industry Research adds a deep understanding of the supply chain serving the world’s tire industry.

We publish regular reports on the global tire industry. We do consulting and strategic guidance. The Capital Markets community seeks us out to help them understand tires and the industries around tires.

We have insights to offer across the whole value chain in the industry, from the content of tread compounds to legislation in China and the strategic direction of the top tire makers – and many of the smaller ones.

Critically, we are independent of any other influence in the business, so our views are unbiased and honest.

We know that trailer tires are different from drive or steer tires. We understand the difference between a Scandinavian winter tire and an Alpine winter tire. We know how the business environment in China differs from the environment in Europe. We track import-export data and we follow prices very, very closely. We know that rolling resistance is a big part of sustainability, and so is de-forestation in Laos. We are contributing to the debate about tire-road wear particles. We are passionate about this business and every aspect of it.

We know that the tire industry is developing new sales channels and trying to work out how best to use the data generated by their websites. We understand how data-driven business models are changing the industry. We were the first to break news about wet mixing of silica in S-SBR. And we know how that is going to disrupt the tire industry.

Our researchers can walk through a tire factory and tell an extruder from a mixer. That’s easy. More importantly, when the tour guide points to a triplex extruder and tells us its is a duplex, we can spot the mistake and check with the people who really know.

When an engineer claims they do not have corrosion on a high-silica mixing line, we can ask the right questions to find out what is really going on.

Tire Industry Research publishes analysis and commentary by our specialised staff. We also give thought leaders in this sector a platform to air their views on the future of the business. We write insightful articles on LinkedIn and we regularly present at leading conferences around the world on change in the tire industry, both at a global level and more regionally.

Our team is led by David Shaw, acknowledged industry expert with over 30 years’ experience at analysing and commenting on the global tire and rubber industry.

David is also co-founder (with Eduardo Minardi) of the Mobility and Tire webinar series  He is also frequently invited to speak in China, Germany, the United States and other countries, as one of the star speakers in this industry who attracts more delegates.